Wife of the Ambassador


Sigh. The two people who most deserve alone time hardly ever receive it. Kerry, you are so unfair! I don't care if this ends happily! You're still unfair. ;)


I really liked this look at Saavik's role as Ambassador's wife. She certainly has her hands full, and I liked the way you had Spock realize the way she assisted him and made his job easier. The part with the aide was a nice bit of comic relief, but also neatly showed Saavik's role. Wonderful story! :)


I liked the way you enumerated her roles at the end as she responded to Fitzson.

The ending was hot! Great kiss and it follows the picture excellently.


A delightful character piece! And a clever way to tell a story. I particularly enjoyed Saavik's role in this--and how Spock's feelings for her are increased by what she did and how she did it for him. It was a true pleasure to see them in the roles they were given by T'Pau, she to ensure he was protected and successful, he to bring the opportunity of peace to enemies--and to see it NOT involving Reunification. Because what they are moves into all the areas they work in--not just the one. This was a delight to see their relationship and how they interact like a true husband and wife should, for the success of each other.


Nice story! I particularly liked the way you interpreted the drawing and used that same position here, back to back with hands entwined. But what a nice idea to have Spock brush against Saavik's face with his own...another Vulcan kiss...very loving ...and quite sensual.


Really, I have to ask this, does an ambassador's wife or husband have to do all these things? Because if so, I don't think I want to marry one. ;)

I like the moment the annoying aide interrupt them. It happens too often in real life. And the conversation then is really interesting, the way you write it, showing the different roles.

And the mention of Saavik's position and the way she took it, I like very much that too, because this way you can somehow join the different stories as if they were one. And they are.

Oh, and the mention of the security man's little encounter with Saavik... Really, this man didn't know what he was doing.

It's a good character piece, Kerry; it shows both Spock and Saavik's work and their more intimate relationship.


It's a really good story.

Empress Leia:

I enjoyed how you tied all of Saavik's roles together at the end, very cute! And the very end, where Spock turned his head towards her...that would be a very cute picture!

>>"Spock looked like he suspected she was merely trying to distract him. Or shut him up."

*grin* It never works, does it?


This was a nearly perfect image of their marriage. Lovely and realistic. Thank you.


Very well-written - loved it!
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