What Good Came from It


That was very, very nice. I loved all the layers going on here and the fact that you could see what T'Pren's parents were thinking, and what Saavik was completely unaware of.


Good one, Kerry. I like that they gave her T'Pren's secret name. Now why does T'Pren's bondmate look familiar?


That was VERY good. Made my heart ache and ease at the same time. Perfect ending. :)


I like the situation in itself, the way it's so hard and painful for both Saavik and T'Pren's parents, and the way it's also so helpful. T'Pren is so important for them all, and so difficult to bring up... I like the emotions involved, and the way they're handled.


This is very well done! Excellent!

Terry L. Gardner:

This story is fantastic!

Ster J:

Another stellar story by Kerjen! Death usually brings up such regrets. You have shown that, by pushing past pain and regrets, by bringing healing to one grieving party, you can bring healing to your own broken heart. A beautiful story, beautifully written.


Wonderfully done! The healing that all three go through rings true from the initial confusion and distrust to the fitting end when Saavik is given T'Pren's ahtia name. Great story!


Yet another wonderful story. You are amazing! I really liked the "tension in the room" element and the emotion in thought not conveyed in words directly, but expressed so poignantly in subtext and expression. Lots of other underlying themes throughout make this a multi-layered gem. And I LOVED the end with the gift of T'pren's secret name. So beautiful!
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