Wedding Vows


I think this deserves lots of reviews! Good job!


Um, Wow.

My Favorites:

This is the Vulcan heart, this is the Vulcan soul. As it was in the beginning… The words T'Lar would say and he finally understood their significance. Love this passage.

…I will not stand watch, Spock, while you sacrifice yourself again… I will not be left holding a burial robe as the one thing I have left of you…

Oh, Yeah. I always thought she should call him on the carpet for not including her in his mission to the Empire. Also, that he should be made thorough aware how hard his death and the intervening years were on her.

And I like this explanation of why the Vulcan female walks behind her mate. I have always thought it should be more logical than simply a bow to traditional. I also like how it fits in with Saavik being named Guardian.

This is really well written.



I love it! Wonderful to read, and everything fits so neatly.

Thank you.


It's a beautiful story, Kerry. I loved your McCoy, and the way you gradually built up to telling us about the argument and the bed, and how much emotion you could put into it without becoming mushy, and how very very hot it turned out to be, even without any explicit scenes!


This was incredible!! It is SO good that it absolutely floors me. You've caught Spock's "voice", both in his tendency to try to brush off or control as well as his ability to show both sides. You've kept Saavik's concern valid without making her a child pouting. A reader feels the terrible pull of "destiny" of "path" which threatens to always pull the lovers apart--and the love between them that counters it. Theirs is shown to be a tenuous but powerful relationship, one that will require--as seen now to them--constant communication and real expression of thought and feeling. They are one and never parted but they must make that effort to stay that way or their causes, their duties, will make them two, will separate them. I really like this battle of goods--both of them to each other but also of each inside themselves. And of causes. Of duties. It is easy to choice between good and ill. It is a test of character to choose between two goods--and to know that the choice made now may need to be altered later.

I like the intimacy of the setting--it fits with the need and enhances their words and feelings dramatically without becoming soapy.

You have a beautiful gift to take some of the very difficult truths of life and not only expose their presence, but show how noble characters, noble hearts may deal with them and not fail with the inevitable pain that also comes. You put together words that fit so perfectly that is was shocking with how powerful the image was. The emotions were honest and deep, matched to the heart they came from. You tackled things that needed to be said, even as we dreaded the possibilities of the answers. And you did it all beautifully and professionally. I loved it. It made me rethink Spock and Saavik and their destiny all over again. And it moved me with the new sight.

It differed in the best way--that Saavik would have an ACTIVE role with Spock in the destiny of the universe. And that it would be a role that entirely fit her.

That he would not be alone.

Which is why I loved it. It all FELT right and is exactly what two such as they would do.

They will find, I think, that they need each other to succeed. Because they are two halves of a whole and only this unity will give them the strength and skills needed to fulfil destiny--and survive the fulfilling.

You gave greater depth and power to their future than has been done before. It became less lonely, less dark, less sure of bitter sacrifice. It became again a fight worth making--because they would make it together.

Thank you. And good job.


You nailed the characters; it sounds like they are speaking as I read. You paint the scenes with color and real life not flat and dull; The dialogue and feelings between the characters is engaging, full of humor, realism and ... How much more can I say?


So much to like...loved the part about the room being torn apart, McCoy being an 'escort' and seeing a little too much, the ceremony itself, the different viewpoints... Let's make this simple and say that I enjoyed the entire story!


I really liked "Wedding Vows." I have always liked the telling of a single event from differing perspectives and you did it beautifully. I thought it was going to be just Spock and Saavik and I didn't expect to have a view from T'Lar. The epilogue was also very sweet, but not sappy or overdone. You have the remarkable ability to restrain from bringing us completely to the surface; almost, but not quite; tantalizingly to the brink of emotional wave, but not plunging us over it.

This is another great example of your wonderful storytelling skills. I really loved it!

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