Truth or Dare
Evil snicker! What fun... I swear, I think I've been at this party!
ike everyone else, I did find this hilarious. You can get some very funny things due to the literalness of Vulcans. And their stubbornness. And of course, Vulcans *always* win. And half-Vulcan, half-Romulans always win in crafty ways. Poor Dawson. He's in so much trouble. Hehehe.

I think Kerry did an excellent job of conveying how diverse relationships can be between humans and Vulcans -- and all based on a simple game like Truth and Dare.

LOL! This was great! I loved listening to Saavik having girl talk. It's great to see her developing real friends. I like the way she intentionally misunderstands them in order to perturb them. I can understand their curiosity too. I liked the ending. Poor Mr.Dawson.

This part -> Saavik's gaze drilled into her. "Do you have any understanding of how you invade my privacy with this question?" Lynne tried to meet her eyes calmly. "A friend does not mean to hurt when they ask questions. And their friends know that."

I like this; that she knows they consider her their friend and are trying to teach her how to be one.

ROTFL that culminates everything I love (Saavik…Vulcan sarcasm….Spock….Saa/S)
This has to be the most hysterically funny piece I have ever read! You've caught their whole relationships just perfectly! i love how it's set when these women have been together for quite a while. It makes their dialogue -- the fact they feel they can ask these questions -- very believable.

What is so delightful is how fun the collision between the Human concept of friendship and the Vulcan one is. Complete opposites! One is based on intimacy of detail--of knowing and telling everything, especially the past. The other is based on simple acceptance of one in the present. So often Saavik is made more human, it is refreshing to see her be herself--alien!

And if Spock is the King of Exaggeration, Saavik is the Queen if Misdirection! A perfectly Romulan sense of humor, frighteningly combined with a Vulcan execution of delivery. What a riot! This crew is perfect together--and I love how you have her give the truthful answer and they get all floored and then she pulls the rug out on them with a distraction truth. Thank you!

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I actually pounded on my desk at points I was laughing so hard, and my cheeks feel stiff from grinning through the whole thing! But I'm keeping the mental note: Don't play Truth or Dare with you!!!

I liked it a lot. Very clever. If I'd have been Saavik I'd have told them all to mind their own business. :) Or given them some salacious details - but that might have got back to Spock.

I liked this so much, I passed it on to my group.

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