Son of Spock, Son of Sarek


wow really good. I hope you write more on this.perhaps a sequal?


Lovely story!


Happy sigh. I liked this. It was very good and I think you captured everything perfectly. First, all the great humor: “Ha ha. Wait, I underestimated how funny you are, I have another laugh in me. Ha.” and “Yes, Doctor. I am well aware of it.” -- I can so hear Spock saying this! -- and "We’ve put in a double sized bunk.” He winked. The chief’s eyes bulged, but Spock merely nodded. -- I can just see the looks on their faces!!!!! And that McCoy gets the camera and has his heart stop over Ko-Kan leaning over Setik. Second, I like your interpretation of Uhura. It’s a lot like the books and not as much like the television show. She’s much more three-dimensional. But most of all, I like the tenderness and insight into Spock and Saavik as new parents. Such as Saavik saying in her speech, "How you can so inherently trust me.” That is a great line, especially b/c Saavik’s trust is so hard to earn. And as Spock and Saavik talk to McCoy about being the godfather: "Those few, simple words belayed how deep an ache losing Amanda caused." Amanda would have been overjoyed by all this. Sigh. I miss her. The whole section of Saavik and Spock's words to baby Setik made me teary-eyed. Great Job!


I LOVED your story! Absolutely perfect! Great humor, true to the characters, it's warm and tender, and I loved the relationship of the new parents. You've always got good ideas, with an innate knack to capture them.


This is beautiful... joy and anxiety, and this clever little thread of humor woven throughout. I loved McCoy's line about underestimating how funny he thought Uhura was, and their escapade with the camera. I can just picture the giant sehlat looming over this tiny little baby...


Just wanted to tell you how in awe I am of your fanfictions. Your characterizations are realistic and well thought out. I particularly enjoyed your Saavik/Spock story as Saavik is my favorite character. What other parts did I like? All of it ::grins::. Seriously I loved the Doc (he's also one of my favs); some of his comments were so amusing. I really enjoyed Sa/S interaction and the camera was so sweet but in a Vulcan way. ::paces impatiently:: when ya gonna write your other stories!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more of your work, how about a story leading up to VH or continuing this one?


That was so sweet! Very enjoyable. Thanks.


Great job on this. Tremendous character development and a well-crafted image that is often so hard to do in a short story.


Beautiful! Any mother would be moved by this wonderfully touching scene! Awesome job.

Polgara la Fae:

Another great one from you! thanks a lot. Really sweet- especially Setik's blue eyes. Wonderful job.


I loved Son of Spock. Your writing draws the characters so well I can hear and see them while I read. Saavik's feelings of rejection, etc and her son's unconditional acceptance and love. The loyalty and devotion between Spock and Saavik, it's all there, and more.


OMG!!!! That was awesome!!! Very sweet!!! Hey, have you written a fanfic about Spock's wedding??? Great Job!!!


This is just as beautiful every time I read it as the first time, Kerry!


I thought this was beautiful and very well written. With so much terrible fanfics out there, it is a real pleasure to read a good one. Keep 'em coming!


Wow. I'm not usually a fan of the Spock/Saavik pairing, but this is *really* good. Kudos to you for keeping everyone in character! =^.^=

Nenya Culariel:

Wow, this is gorgeous and sweet and happy and funny.... I really like your depiction of Spock and Saavik and Setik as a family. There's both the famed Vulcan reserve and also the love, and somehow neither makes the other less apparent. And McCoy, wonderful fellow that he is, is in his element. I laughed out loud when he was jumping up and down yelling, "She's pregnant! She's pregnant!" and I liked his idea of a baby-present urge every seven years. Ahhh...this just gives me warm happy feelings!


I'm usually not a fan of these kinda personal fics, but this one. Hilarious while very touching. Great work, a MUST READ for every fan of Vulcans...
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