This was so damn beautiful and brilliant that I would have personally killed you if you hadn't posted it.

A flawless capture of Saavik.

Painful and easing all in one. Hard on the heart and yet precisely comforting as well. It FELT like what happens and is needed after such a death as that. It was good to see Saavik's strength--his death completed her 'growing up', her sense of self--that she could now stand utterly alone and be the woman he knew she would be, and she could now lead others.

I wish that I could have had something like this on my mourning days, it would have made them less consuming and me more able to face them. I will remember this--for my own 'days after Khan' that will come.


What an interesting view point. I never knew Spock had that much of an influence on Chekov.

I like that Saavik is thinking of the next 'generation' of Spock disciples. I also find it highly fascinating that she wonders about his katra. That last questioning of Uhura, "was he really alone"? What her heart and soul must feel: grief, anger, loss, betrayal. Her first and best protector, besides herself, gone.... she's deserted, completely, without even the comfort of knowing the essence of him can continue.



Wonderfully sad and highly moving


Very nice story.


Aw. That's very sweet. And sad. It's amazing how much mileage can be gotten out of Spock's death, considering he DID come back. And yet, the sorrow is very genuine, and it gets to you (or me) all the same. interesting take on it, to center the scene NOT on either Kirk or McCoy, as many are. Very sweet. I like.


Ah, I could see the whole scene taking place. Wonderful story!


Wow. This is powerful. Very much powerful. You capture the emotions and characters very well. An excellent story.


That was so very bittersweet, and brought tears to my eyes (as oppose to any other body part ) Especially when Saavik told Chekov what Spock said. I often wonder which was worse for the crew ... losing Kirk or losing Spock? I can see them more prepared for losing Kirk, given all the risks he took, whereas Spock offered stability and stability's suppose to last.


Hey there - very nice story. A unique perspective on it in that you connected Chekov and Saavik as Spock's proteges. I was somewhat concerned that you were going to be writing not a story but a once scene character study. I don't mind those, but I prefer to see an actual story. You did have a story here, a character arc for Chekov. You capture mood very well and the mood in that room was dark with grief - very nice! Thanks for your lovely work.

Empress Leia:

Aw, how sweet! It brought tears to my eyes many times . . . well done!


*sigh* I love Chekov. I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to the character. And I feel that you portrayed his emotions extremely well. It's hard to imagine how Chekov must have felt after the Kahn incident. I really wished that the movie played more on that. Thank you so much for writing this story. I look forward to reading more of your work.


I love this. It's so wonderful to have a scene taking place between two characters that one doesn't normally think of putting together in any kind of scene. And I love the way you handle Saavik. You always handle Saavik, Spock, Sarek etc so well to begin with, but I really want to compliment you on the handling of Chekov. You don't make him into some clod, or some gushy little cutie patootie or any of the other nonsense things I've seen. You made him a real person. Someone that has pride and pain. Not this off to the side, use him for a comedic relief type. And it's refreshing to see. And I'll tell ya, whenever I read one of your stories or Sterj's or mzsnaz's, I always wonder why I keep attempting it when you guys are doing such great work!! It's a wonderful piece letting us see a side of two characters that one doesn't usually and especially with Chekov. Just simply wonderful!