A Time Of Peace


I loved it. You must have so much fun writing McCoy's lines, like the one where Setik's ears could be sails. Hehe. But I loved all of his lines, and how protective Setik was of his mother and wanting to be a doctor at that early age. And Saavik being pregnant again; that was nice. She is in no way prepared for T'Kel.

At first, I thought it was odd that Saavik let Starfleet make a scapegoat of her so easily, and then I got it when Saavik told her reasonings to McCoy. I thought that was well-done and a nice tie-in.

And I just thought of something: Spock is about to have twin daughters with some of Saavik's characteristics. Is he prepared for that? ;) I wonder if Saavik will remember how she wasn't going to have children, because they'd be inconvenient.


Oh god that was powerful. I really liked the twins, that was very very very neat to say the least. And the kid becoming a doctor! Oh i hope so. That would be fantastic. We know Spock has enough of a psi ablity he could have been a Vulcan healer, so his son should as well.


That was wonderful...simply beautiful. I loved it. Setik is so cute!


You worked on this very hard... It was all worth it.


Beautiful Kerry. I can't imagine all the time it must have taken you to decide on and put in all the perfect quotes and poems.

In Saavik's place, I would have been a total mess with that present in my hands.

I really, really liked the opening sequence of the story. The image of Saavik and Setik in the snow together and Spock and the doctor looking on...... just like a Rockwell scene!


I can't describe how much I needed this story for the holidays! I laughed and smiled, grinned and chuckled, sniffled and had to blink rapidly to keep the print unblurred.

This story is like being Setik, warm and peaceful and content in a gently snoring McCoy's lap. And like being Spock and Saavik, nestled together and simply being.

I also loved the part where Spock hesitated, when he wanted to be important as a father to his small son. That's true on the mark. Both for him and in real life. Daddy's are sometimes very vunerable. Especially with children where so much is easy to screw up and so much is a sort of blind run in the dark from one crisis to the other.

There's nothing hokey in it, or sappy. It is full of meaning and reality. People who really care, take the time to DO those sorts of things. It was natural.

I thought you portrayed every character more true to self than I've seen. It was a delight and it was beautiful.

I love it.


::HUGE GRIN:: Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderfully sweet story! I LOVED “A time of Peace”! It made me all happy!

This is truly amazing!


Have you thought about publishing this? It's that good.


Beautiful... I loved seeing this aspect of Spock and Saavik's family. And McCoy is always awesome.

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