That was a perfect delight. Saavik comes off exactly right--as seriously torn between her Romulan and Vulcan halves. She's reacting exactly as she should--and would--and it is the counterweight of Spock and their love that manages the near impossible, to save her from unintentionally becoming her mother.


Wow. Amazingly well done. Reminds me of "Race of Cain" and "Mirror Fires" in its ingenious web of power games, political/diplomatic/military entanglements and emotional dilemmas. As a science fiction fan who is always delighted by a creatively designed alien species, I also truly admire your originality in making up those Arongotu. Keep up the good work.


T'Pren was a pleasant surprise (I was expecting Ajeya's husband, of course, and I was expecting him to act this way. I loved when he said he would have welcomed Saavik as his own daughter. And the way he and Ajeya still want to love each other but can't...) Saavik and Ajeya are the main characters, the ones who are supposed to make the decisions. However, this story is lead by the supporting characters: Spock, T'Pren and Ajeya's ex-husband are the ones who really make them decide. I like that.

I liked very much the moment when Saavik thinks she is forced to choose between being Ajeya or her father, between being the aggressor or the victim, and I think, the underneath, between being Romulan or Vulcan. Because Saavik will never be any of them, she will always be the hybrid, and that's a decision impossible to make.

Well, I could be talking for hours about your story. My summary: I like it very much, of course, I always like this kind of conflict, I always like Ajeya and Saavik together. And, I don't know exactly for what reason, I loved the way T'Pren interacted in your story.


Chapter 1
The mission was just routine... Uh-huh, unless you're Spock and Saavik. Your incredible ability to describe a truly alien species and culture is fantastic. With Ajeya's presence, this routine mission was just thrown for a major loop, wasn't it?

Chapter 2
Ah, so T'Pren has seen her first 'real' Romulans. I like her perceptive nature and ability to interpret, if not completely understand, the nature of the relationship between Ajeya and Diartr.

Chapter 3
Agrh! What a place to stop! So, Saavik is going after Ajeya. Wow, I guess I should be grateful that she didn't harm Spock after she found out what he'd been hiding. Still, Please?

Chapter 4
Ooh, ooh, ooh! What a fight scene! Excellent, it got my pulse racing. Will there be another square-off between the two?

Chapter 5
This review is for Chapter 5. Wow, alot of history between Ajeya and Diartr, and it's a shame that Ajeya had so destroyed the trust of her husband and children with her actions on Hellguard. Ajeya's revenge has taken a severe toll on everyone close to her.

Chapter 6
What an internal battle Saavik is forced into due to the knowledge that Ajeya is her mother and Spock withheld that information! Spock is there, of course, to help her, and it's comforting that they are able to work through what might have been a permanent breach in their relationship.

Chapter 7
Ah, it's not over, is it? Ajeya might have been outmaneuvered this time, but Saavik can never let her guard down with her mother still alive. Will there be more? I hope so!