Kim (snowshoesfersure2001):

There are no words...wonderfully done. Praise to you for this tasteful and touching piece. It brought tears to my eyes and amazment to my heart...your story filled in the blanks of how our beloved crew weathered what we all know would have been a devastating blow. Well done.

John Westcott:

Wow. Loaded with great characterization right down to the bone. This really should have been shown in Generations, and it's a crime that it wasn't. Not since "The Family Line" by A Christopher Drown have I read a praise worthy Star Trek fic. Most are pure crap but this rises above them right to the top, just like cream. ;)


Very good. It's about time we saw the reactions of Captain Kirk's fellow officers. Well done. I thought the characterizations were completely accurate and I'm glad that Saavik was included.


This is by far the best of the post-Kirk-death stories that I've yet read. You do an excellent job with the characters and draw the emotions together very well. I would actually like to see a follow-up, I.E. the speeches etc, but at the same time wonder if you could do justice to what you've already done. I have always thought it unfortunate that Paramount needed to prove the quality of the sequel by denying Captain Kirk such a ceremony in 'Generations', but certainly wish that they'd taken the extra ten minutes at the end of the movie as it would have given the series the closure that movie most certainly didn't. A great job in trying to fill this hole.


Great story. Very in-character. I especially like your characterization of Saavik.

Debbie P. White:

Thank You. I would have loved to see this story on film. It would have been a fitting eulogy to Deforest Kelly (McCoy). It is a must for any true fan of the Star Trek worlds, and Gene would be proud to see his legacy continue with the really talented writers such as you. Again thank you.

Christina Miller:

Great! Great! I could just hear everyone's voice as they said those things! That was so good, so true to the characters! It's not often that I see a fic I can say this about, so you are part of a very select group of authors! :)


This was so SAD! It made my eyes go all teary. Amazingly written, though, and I think the author did a wonderful job in representing all the characters. I only wish there was more to it!


What a story! I was so touched! It seemed so proper and respectful of a Captain that they all followed. Perhaps you could continue it with each of them reading their letters and viewing the tape. I enjoyed how they all supported each other. They were all in character blaming themselves. The strong yet weak emotions going through all of them. The deep caring that made the Enterprise crew so special. The man they mourned would keep them together even through death. I did not want your story to end. I still don't. I feel myself mourning the special character that was and is Jim Kirk to all of us. Your story touched me as few have not. Thank you for such a thought provoking story.


How the hell did you write something so god dam brilliant? The way you weaved the character's emotions into an intricate web of grief and discovery truely amazing. Your portrayal of Saavik is awe inspiring. The inner thoughts of the crew are realistic and well scripted.


Saavik's vulnerability and isolation, how her priority is Spock and Kirk recognizes what they mean to each other, even if it's unacknowledged, hence his message to her. Okay, so what is it that Kirk knew, but Saavik won't share with Uhura? Information, please. You have to write that one! And the other background- Saavik at the ball, getting her citizenship, the hybrid disease- provides depth and asks to be told on it's own!


Wow... that's all I can say.


I just read your story, Mourning. It made me cry. You're a great writer! I loved the descriptions, and how each time you really caught what they would have felt and what it would be like for them. Truly awesome.


I re-read Mourning yesterday. I think I must have read this when I first discovered your site and not since. Reading it again made me appreciate how it draws all your work together. Reading it now makes me appreciate how well written it is; something I took for granted before I started writing myself. It was a daring attempt to write so many different characters in the first person in one piece. Each characterization is well captured and flows into the next smoothly. Saavik's interaction with the characters throughout the piece binds it all together beautifully.
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