*falls over laughing* My goodness! That was so fantastic! I just about died! Bravo!

Fool Of An Elf:

THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS! Spock's mental breakdown at hearing about his mom's 'groping' wants, suger bugger, toe-sucking, horrible embarrasment for all involved...what more does a story need? Like I said, that was absolutely hysterical. I'm sure this will be a story that I read multiple times! LOVED IT!

Romulan Empress:

This is so cute! I love it! The poor, poor Enterprise officers!


Do I really need to tell you how much I enjoy this story? It absolutely is the funniest thing, and Chekov's lines are still the best! Mrs. Sulu and T'Pau as long lost twins? Spock beginning to regret he'd ever been reborn? Yes, it was like sharks at a feeding frenzy, wasn't it? Thanks for letting me have the chance to read it's a winner!

Meakashi Gosterful:

*bursts out laughing* OH GOOD LORD! That was hilarious. I truly appreciated the fact thatr you could make a story like this and stay pretty much in character. Keep up the good work.

Ster J:

This was the first time I laughed out loud while reading any Trek fiction. Hysterical! I wonder if McCoy had the room bugged so that the whole thing would be captured on tape for his enjoyment later? And since it didn't go as well as he wanted, if he would blackmail Amanda with the tape? And if Amanda didn't follow through if he would send the tape to Sarek? Oh, yes. This is a classic!


Aw! I love mommies! Very sweet. I love everyone's stories and reactions!


I liked it alot, very funny! Very funny!

Emp who is too lazy:

I'm on my floor right now...because...because...I can't all..too funny...


Momisms was a cute free-for-all. I'm sure Sarek wouldn't have approved and that McCoy considered the evening a rousing success :)


LOL! Oh, this was priceless! Excellent and thanks so much for sharing.


Oh, you are an evil woman...extremely evil. I don't think the 'Enterprise' has had such punishment since,...Oh, I don't know? Ever? But I feel for the guys...



LOLOLOL Write more!


One word : Taluhk.

Fata Morgana:

Well. This is probably the funniest Star Trek story I've ever read. I just plain ADORE Amanda. And everyone else, as well. I laughed out loud the first time I read it, the second, the third... Walking on the pavement thinking about it... And hit myself in the head when I realised I hadn't told you yet how ruddy brilliant this thing is. Congratulations. Well done.

Per Magne Heggedal:

Are you trying to kill me?! I nearly fell out of the chair laughing, then I nearly choked because I couldn't stop laughing. Brilliant story!


AH That was HILARIOUS .Please do another one PLEASE you are so funny. PLEASE WRITE MORE


Absolutely hilarious!


Ow, ow, ow! Laughing so hard it hurts!

Midnight Topaz:

^_^ ROFLMAO!! This is *so* funny!! It's hilarious to see the Enterprise Seven try to one-up each other, and the incidents you use are **very** clever. Fantastic!!


Oh my gosh, I love this story! I burst out laughing like a million times while I was reading this! I esp. loved when Spock said, "And what sound did she make when she called tigers, Doctor?" HAHAHAHA!! Hilarious! And Kirk wanted to be a dock worker, and Spock was "Precious", and "Jim's mother called him Tibby!" An amazing story! Well done!


Oh man! I still remember the first time I read this on your website. My cheeks hurt.
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