What he said! Ha! Great! I love McCoy's reaction and the ending!

Kitara Manoru:

Ah! I wish I could see the scene between Spock and Saavik once she arrives. :) Very amusing story. The banter between Bones and Spock was great, and I had to laugh at poor Spock's unfortunate mistake.

Empress Leia:

Oh, poor Spock...he *is* a dead man! Maybe that's why Kerry won't write a sequel, and she's just lying about the other reasons. I apologize for the random commentary I added to my review...

But McCoy nodded, white shaggy hair falling down over blue eyes that were as sharp as the day Spock first met him. "Someone thought all the warnings about bringing Kadelson plants around Vulcans were exaggerations. The old 'the Vulcans are holding us back' argument. I thought that died off over a century ago."

I can hear the response. "Oh, um....oops?" or maybe they'd try to weasel themselves out, like that lady in the commericial that says "Thank you?" after she mistakingly asked a non-pregnant woman when she was due. Yeah, that's it! "Thank you!"

"Saavik is here?" Spock asked. Some vague image of almost waking up before with Saavik leaning over him came back. Was that Saavik? When he tried to focus on it, he thought it might have been someone else with him and the whole thing a memory from years ago.

Look, Spock, it's a red alert klaxon! You should've stopped when you were ahead and pretended to go back to sleep...

Spock closed his eyes. Perhaps, if he was fortunate, this was all more delirium caused by the fever.

Yes, that's what we all say. Then we wake up.

"Sure, trot that excuse out. Maybe Saavik will actually buy it."

Or else it's to the gallows with you!

Spock's eyebrows snapped together hard. "Why do you mention Archernar? Saavik told me nothing ever existed between them except his offer."

Speaking of the truth...

"Exactly. So you have no reason to send your heart monitor pounding away like that. Wait, here comes your wife to kill you." McCoy patted Spock's shoulder. "Been nice knowing you, friend."

*snort* Wonderful ending...The best of friends will abandon you to watch your death from a safe place...like behind a locked door and a window.


HA! This is hiliarious! Not at all what I expected from this scenario! But since you got it, I should have known you'd do something this original!

Love that you have McCoy here!

Excellent Kerry!


Very good. What an awful situation! I really wouldn't like to be in Spock's place. McCoy's line "Here comes your wife to kill you" can be more than a figure of speech. :-D I also liked the hostile reaction of their children. He couldn't have chosen a better name, could he?

Just an innocent comment. Lately you have a tendency to let us figure out what they are going to say next, don't you? ;-) Why don't you write a second part and show us the conversation between Spock and Saavik? You know, my imagination is on strike and I really don't know what is going to happen. :-)


Another good one!


Again, poor Spock! McCoy's humor at Spock's expense is just sooo in- character. 'You're a dead man' and 'nice knowing you'? Yup, that's what I thought, too! Very good!


I can tell you right now, this was a pure delight to read!! I mean, in truth how many people really saw this idea coming to begin with? Spock, married, children, and quite capable of getting into as much trouble as any human male married and doing something completely asanine, even if he was delirious! To most women it wouldn't make any difference if he was sleeping, delirious, on his death bed or sitting across from them at the dinner table! The point was it was lurking in his mind and had slipped out at a moment that he couldn't control. But if he hadn't had Valeris in his thoughts to begin with it wouldn't have happened, so you have to wonder what else is lurking in that vulcan mind!!

But I thought at the beginning it was going to be Christine that was the wounded wife when you mentioned the blue-eyed Setik. I never saw Valeris coming what so ever! Which made the whole tale even more fabulous! One general figures Saavik and Christine in these tales, but I loved the addition of Valeris. Brings back a character that always held some fascination to me about what she really was about within herself and with Spock. This makes it oh so much more tantalizing and a delightfully fun story! Just a great tale!

Astraeas Dreams:

A well written and very funny story. Thank you for writing it.


Enjoyed this story very much. Great to 'view' a scene that could well have been lifted from the series, especially the rapport between Bones and Spock - sounded just like them. Well done!


I read "Mistake" and your only one is not having it on "Kerjen!" I loved it. I can just imagine how much McCoy enjoyed telling Spock of his grave error; calling his wife another name! And Valeris, no less! I know what MY fate would be were I to make that same mistake, even if I had the Plague! I can just hear my doctor:

"Here comes your wife to kill you now!"

You are fantastic!

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