I was just gonna glance at the first few paragraphs--but I couldn't stop! I read the whole thing and enjoyed it greatly. I thought it was really good, well-characterized, and clever. I liked the bits of humor sprinkled throughout, like Uhura's comment that "gone in 24 hours" had to be a record. I enjoyed the political intrigue aboard ship, both in specific situations, like the power balance shifting back and forth in Kirk's first interview with Saavik, and in more general terms, as in the discussion of how Kirk keeps his command crew at a razor edge by periodically trying to kill them. I liked the way that Saavik's crudely-spoken bargain with Spock in the POW camp was brought up again in the current situation, emphasizing the parallel between the barbarity of the earlier situation and the barbarity under the civilized veneer in the present.
Actually I wanted to say I like all your stories. This one was my favorite. This site is by far my favorite, the stories are wonderful. Keep up the good work.
Quatrina Raberba:
I enjoyed this very much. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen until I reached the end. Thank you so much for writing this. Keep up the good work.
I have only one complaint: WRITE ANOTHER IN THE SAME SERIES!! You did them justice! Here's to you!
Maleficent DuGall-Snape:
This was a really good fanfic! I really enjoy Spock/Saavik tales and this one is one of the best I've read.
John Westcott:
An uber excellent Trek fic featuring Spock and Saavik. A job well done. :)
Lisa Barr:
I have just finished reading Mirror Vulcan for the second time. It has been a long time since I have been entertained enough by a piece of literature to read it more than once. You seem to have an excellent understanding of the mirror mirror universe and you have obviously worked hard to make sure that the reader understands and feels everything that you want them to. A good writer understands how to control his audience. I truly enjoyed this. I am curious to know if there is more of this story. I look forward to your response.
Jason Wargo:
I just finished reading Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed it and I thought it very believeable in the context of the series as well as what we know of the mirror universe.
An excellent MU story! Once again, you've captured the characters beautifully, not to mention the many twists and turns of the manipulation and constant threat of death that exists on the MU Enterprise. Wonderfully done!