Sierra: (submitted to
This story was incredible. I absolutely ADORED it!!! Great job, Kerjen.
T'Pexi: (submitted to
This is a really great story! It describes Saavik more than any other that I have read on FF.n, and goes into detail a lot. Saavik is one of my favorite charactors, and this was a good, original story about her. =)

I liked it! I thought it was well done and I found it very similiar to Pandora''s Principle, which I think is a neat thing. You and the author of the book(the name escapes me for the moment) saw the same thing in Saavik.

Matt weed: (submitted to
Well done. You've characterized them well and given them a certain depth that even the novels that deal with their early relationship (many of which are very well written) seem to miss. It's nice to see the memories on Genesis at least touched on, and I'd be interested to see you deal a bit better with Saavik's memories of this time if you do choose to ammend/balance the piece with something from her perspective.

Polgara la Fae: (submitted to
Damn. Very good. Saavik is one of my favorite Star Trek characters, and there's hardly any stories about her, so thanx for posting.

Great story! I love Saavik! More!!!!!!!!!!

Polgara la Fae: (submitted to
I love your stories- because I really liked Saavik's character, and no one really pursues her story at all. Great job again.


Saavik's vulnerability and isolation, how her priority is Spock and Kirk recognizes what they mean to each other, even if it's unacknowledged, hence his message to her. Okay, so what is it that Kirk knew, but Saavik won't share with Uhura? Information, please. You have to write that one! And the other background- Saavik at the ball, getting her citizenship, the hybrid disease- provides depth and asks to be told on it's own!

mzsnaz: (submitted to
Wow...fantastic story. You have both characters down pat, and this is just a completely satisfying story.
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