The Meeting


Sequel! I beseech thee, sequel! In the name of all that is holy!

Lady Tristania:

Like....WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. Good writing skills. Hope you will continue. Preferably with Saavik alive? I kinda like her a lot...


This was a very good story. I really liked this one. And thanks for making T'Kel and T'Pren twins. I love stories about twins and Star Trek needs more of them.


Really, really good. I love Setik.


Okay, first of all, I get to "Mother Died", and I start tearing up, and I make sure I don't actually cry, b/c my roommate's in the room and I'm not sure how I'd explain it to her. And then I find out that Spock's still alive and I swear, b/c he's suffered enough and now he has to go through more.

"Boy, you could become a stand-up comedian, and I would still be proud of you. I’d be confused over why would you ever do such a thing -- because let's face it, you’d be horrible at it -- but I’ll always be proud you.” LOL!

**He was quite certain that when he was a father, he would make much more sense to his children. ** You know, everyone always says that.

**He had formed a vision of sweeping his around her shoulders based on McCoy’s stories of gallant behavior. Except such thoughts were illogical. Of course T’Qet would have a cape. And he would be chilled without his** Hehehe. Clearly, the Romance books don't have high sales on Vulcan.

Wow. That was a good story. Made me cry. And since it's a cliffhanger, you need to continue it b/c I want to see what happens when Spock realizes Saavik's actually alive, and I want to see what T'Qet and Setik do, now that they have a family history to deal with.

I thought it was a nice set up, and nice pacing. Everything flowed well. Moremoremore!!


I'm so glad that I decided to go exploring. This was wonderful. Not only are the pics awesome on the family pages, but this original work is terrific. I hope there is more where this came from....

I need more. I like T'Qet and Setik!


I really enjoyed the Meeting. I just wanted to see what the next scene was going to be after Setik and T'Qet were properly introduced. That would be SO good! And the rest of their evening? Wow, I mean they have an attraction that they both have acknowledged, and now this revelation? Oh, boy!

I liked how you had Spock go into the desert after Saavik is killed. And so many other details! I want to see more!


This is just a beautiful work, Erin. Powerful emotion--more by the tight binding of it than by its release. You've caught them.

Starting this off with such grief is perfect. It sets the tone for his drive to suddenly and massively change his life--to dare to win T'Qet. The details of his body, his robes, the sun, the state of the home all adds a peculiar beauty to the opening scene.

As ever, you have the gift in "merely introducing" someone which instantly makes the reader love her/him. In just a few strokes, you've utterly caught T'Sha, his cousin's, essence, who she is and what she will do.

"Setik stopped outside his parents' room and almost entered. In the end, he walked away, never crossing that threshold." These two lines are perfection itself. All the loss, the grief, the loneliness, the feeling of being an orphan too quickly, all of it is caught in the simple image of a pause and then a turn away. It is beautiful in its hurt, in the power of the emotion presented unemotionally. And it is Vulcan.

I love how you weave his family naturally into his thoughts--T'Pren when he needs words, T'Kel's fire when he makes his trade of hope for future possible wrath, Sarek when he needs advice. Added to it: his mother, his father, in small moments--even ones he immediately clamps down and smothers. It accentuates his loss. And it is only natural for something small, a smell, a sound, a word that triggers, a flash of memory, something to stir of the past when the past is still so bright and painful.

"Even better, he saw one of the musicians who was an admirer of his sister, T'Kel. She did not return the interest, but Setik discarded that fact for the moment." Ha! A REAL brother!

"Every word in his extensive vocabulary deserted him." Delightful touch--the effect of love on a Vulcan that stays true to a Vulcan!

She glanced at him over her shoulder almost dismissively, then suddenly stopped and her exotic dark eyes looked at him fully. She bowed her head in return. "You pay me a high compliment, Healer. I am unsure my performance warrants it." (Ha! Amanda's eyes could always bend even the most Vulcan of Vulcans. Her gift to her grandson.)

"And yet his absence is more difficult with the loss of your mother." T'Qet laid her hand next to his, not touching but near. "I grieve with thee, Setik." (And you love this woman instantly and fully now. Understanding one with compassion. Her loss knows his.)

Reflections from the firepot glowed in her eyes. "Oh yes, I believe I can ensure it's so. Perhaps your partner will be of such experience she can show you the dance." Some of his enthusiasm waned with the thought she would not be his instructor. (This is so perfect! She is telling him SHE will be that partner and he, so like his father, completely MISSES it.)

Suraj said almost in apology, "Setik, son of Spock, may I introduce you to T'Qet, daughter of T'Pring." And AHHHH!! the kick in the teeth! WHAT A PERFECT CAPTURE!! The poor boy is now absolutely sure that his mother was right--the universe has a very Romulan sense of humor.

I love it.


I have liked watching this story develop. I like how you added the idea of the Katra fi' Salan and then the subplot in the end when we see that Saavik is still alive.

The relationship between Setik and T'Qet is nice. He is obviously smitten. He also displays a cute naiveté. It's obvious to us all that T'Qet intends to dance in the festival with him.

>He resolved never to cut either hair or beard again.

Very sweet.

You did a good job developing the minor characters too. Everyone knows someone like Suraj, and Setik's cousins are engaging in their concern for him.

More please!


I haven't read startrek fanfiction in a long time; I've been staying in the baby-worlds of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Thank you for reminding me what's out here.


What a wonderful story!


You have done it to me yet again! This time with "The Meeting." What a GREAT story!

Setik pondering the loss of mother and grandfather, as well as his dealing with having to face his grief without Spock or his sisters is so well done. The scene at the performance is so beautiful in the description of the dance where T'Qet's mesmerizes Setik (and me) with the expression of color changes in her attire; though it is a mere accent to her beauty!

Their meeting is so excellent. It made me remember so well how I felt as a younger man when I would have the opportunity to meet someone I was attracted to. You absolutely nailed it!

The revelation of T'Qet's being T'Pring's daughter FLOORED me! That was just OUTSTANDING!!!

And then...the epilogue. The prison, prisoners and captors so well described, the exchange so vivid, it is pure masterpiece!!!! (I KNEW she was alive; I just KNEW it!!)

You are so amazing!! I'm running out of superlatives!!

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