End of Loneliness

Kitara Manoru:

This is painfully realistic as well as sweet. An adult child facing the remarriage of one parent after the death of another...I've spent time thinking on this very concept myself. I think you show Spock's feelings well, and the sparse dialogue needed to accomplish the drabble is finely executed.


Another great short story. I like these short mostly dialog stories. The way they don't need to use completely sentences shows how well they know each other.


I've often wondered about Spock's response to his father rebonding. It's good to know I'm not alone.


I like this. In his relationship with Saavik, Spock discovers the reason his father doesn't want to be alone.

Very nice.


Oh, that's sweet!

Capturing an adult child's desire to see his parent happy but not wanting to let the memory of his mother seem lessened by remarriage. And Spock's refusal to even discuss what would happen if HE was in that position. Saavik is the practical and realistic one. Spock is the idealist. All Sarek wants is companionship, love, and not to be alone.

Look at the lines in Children of Eden, Act II, track 7 In Whatever Time We Have:
You'll be my fortress
And I will be your shield
No one really wants to be alone
In Whatever time we have


THAT was beautiful! The gentle love you've caught here, for each other, for Sarek, for Amanda, and for this new transition that one day could be one of their's, is incredible. Powerful in its Spartan language, real in its portrayal, you've done a perfect moment.

I toast to you!


Short, sweet but very telling. I envy your talent to include so much in so few words. Thank you.


Ahh. Very sweet, with just a touch of the indomitable Saavik in there. I like how they converse in few words (well, they have to, it's a drabble, but even if it weren't this would be OK) and how she convinces him with just a tad of loving pressure. And how they both miss Amanda. I think the best lines are "He is lonely" and "Yes. Except....My mother." Love your stuff!
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