Part I: Two weeks


This is a very sweet segment and I love how her two guardians have such a calming presence, when we all know that T'Kel does not bring out the calmness in her parents much.

Part II: Two years


I laughed so hard over this--a perfect capture of small children and their thoughts (and delightfully balanced in humor with the adults!)

I loved the sneaky poke at Spock, that Saavik does--by relocating the children's "practicing". Snicker. That is SO Saavik.


"He exhibited his aptitude all over my walls."** LOL. I love this segment ... Except Rrelthiz gave drums to the one child that will show great exuburance when banging them ... and her parents have such sensitive hearing.

**T'Kel now remembered the real drummers used sticks, not their hands. She groped along the floor and found not two, but three sticks, two padded, the other one with holes all through the handle. *This* was interesting!** I love how logical T'Kel's being in her discovery of how to "work" the drums. She's applying what she remembers, when most babies would just squeal and start pounding away.

**Setik would catch her. Setik was her hero. He was much like Father.** Awww. That's so sweet!

**Her brother nodded in approval and their music was excellent. And her one stick, the one with the holes, whistled as she swung it through the air. Even better, it drew T’Pren from the other room. Her identical twin plopped down on the floor and began singing along at the top of her voice. T'Pren was very creative. If she did not know a word, she made one. This experiment was working well.** Oh ... I can't breathe!!! Poor Saavik ... she has such exacting, curious children.

***Father would be very impressed.*** That's ... one word for it. And Saavik sending them to play in Spock's office: It's like she's saying: "See what your musical inclination *blessed* us with? You spawned it, you hear it."

Kerry, this was a lovely, humorous piece. Nice job.

Part III: Seven years


You know, Erin, I really like how you create Vulcan heritage/culture. I like the richness and depth of it. It makes our dear Vulcans so much more than the one dimension they usually get from writers. Bravo!!!

I just love this three set--a delightful blend of humor, logic and life. And in a very real way.


**But T'Kel was to accept an adult's responsibilities now, and what was more adult than her own hands at the helm?** I love her logic.

**her father's insistence they learn about their Romulan nature. ** Interesting ... how long did Saavik fight that idea?

**This was how Saavik exposed her eldest daughter without a total Romulan influence** I love how Saavik does show the children the good aspects of the Romulan culture ... without using any Romulans to do so. That says so *much* about her.

**An emotional statement! T'Kel could not believe her ears.** Awww.

I think these three stories were a great way to show us T'Kel's nature, as well as demonstrate what she will be like when she gets older. Again: wonderful job, Kerry.

Part IV: Seventeen years


**"Yes," she agreed. "It is very much alive." ** LOL!!! That's perfect!

**"I studied the taiy, and fulfilled its law. I present a captured prey. No word, spoken or written, said it must be dead."** The Spock family excels at finding loopholes in everything. A handy trait.

I like how Saavik passed on her love of the stars to T'Kel. Do all children have such fondness for them, or is T'Kel a special case?

Part V: Twenty-one


**Even Sarek showed the terrible loss of Saavik's death** Kerry, if I didn't know that Saavik wasn't really dead but rather a prisoner somewhere, I'd be having a heart attack right about now, screaming "How dare she kill Saavik???!?!?!?!"

**"I should have thought it could happen," Rrelthiz said. "With as much trouble as she found... but she always managed to survive."** Indeed. It should be Starfleet's logo. "If you join Starfleet and become really popular w/ the viewing audiences, get in as much trouble as you want and never, ever die!" =)

**"Did my mother go for me? Did she believe she needed to set an example for me? Of duty and following orders?"** Well, that says a lot about T'Kel, doesn't it? Out of all the children, she must have been the "trouble-maker" and always needing to know 'why'. Just like young Saavik.

Part VI: Twenty-six


all right sister, you have no idea who close you just came to total anhilation! I was aghast that you killed her.....

How many parts of this are there? I really am enjoying it.


**"Yes. We have brought her home."** Wow. It took five years for Saavik to be found? That has to be horrible. You grieve for your mother, accept that she's dead, are now able to remember her w/ more fondness than pain ... and then discover she's alive after all. Which is wonderful ... except you'll eventually have to repeat the process.

**"When the Klingons are allies? But... that is politics. It is for your father and your twin. They will handle such things!** I love it. It is for your father and your twin. They will handle such things!" And there's going to be a huge uproar about this. The Klingons hid Ambassador Spock's wife! Both the Federation and Vulcan are going to be angry.

I'm so glad T'Kel has Saavik back. =)

Part VII: Thirty-two


Happy sigh. I so very much love this story--as much for the beautiful way the relationships are expressed and shown, as for the clever way you move through their lives--holding exactly what needs to be and letting the rest quietly sit aside for another story.

This set is strangely and deeply comforting.

I wish I knew such relationships as these.


**Because it was Rrelthiz.** I love how these snippets show how much Rrelthiz was the fun, respected aunt.

**"So I travel to Vulcan again, to see your bonding." She sighed deeply. "The Nest Mother *has* blessed my life."** Awww. This is such a happy scene, full of hope for the future. Their lives are repaired and back on track.

Part VIII: Forty-seven


This part (and the one where it is believed Saavik is dead) always pains my heart--but in all the right ways. Masterfully done. You've caught each character, in words, thoughts, body language, and relationships, exactly as they should be.


And just as I'm basking in the peace and serenity of the last snippet and loving that there's no crisis, Kerry kills Rrelthiz. =)

**After all, Saavik had lately slipped through the Romulan Neutral Zone to be with Spock again.** Of course she did. B/c she "died" (now she and Spock have even more in common) and, even if she still disagreed w/ Spock, I can see her putting that aside and going w/ him just to be w/ him.

**"She said if you knew, you would try to reach her. And she did not want you endangered crossing the Neutral Zone when it was fruitless."** How very logical and Saavik would approve.

That was so very sad, Kerry. You did a wonderful job of capturing the grief and poignancy of this scene.

Part IX: Sixty-three



What I like the most about it is the beauty of the cultures present--there is no type-casting and making Vulcans act like Humans or every human act the same. Which means there is a richness to the story that would otherwise be lost. There is CULTURE here, beautiful, subtle, vastly different culture. When I read it, I can feel as if the Federation is real, that the woman I am watching truly lives. And it is the depth of capturing diversity rather than just mouthing it. A beautiful story! Your imagery and thought are superb. I love the carefully building relationships shown--they FEEL real.

You have many superb works--this is definately one of the best of them! Beautiful and elegant and understated.

A perfectly Vulcan capture.


This was a great way to wrap this up, Kerry. T'Kel gets to pass everything on to Rrelthiz's great-grandchild ...


aweeeeee........ sweet from beginning to end..... A few breathless moments... but I got over them. Very nice Kerry.


I enjoyed this. I think I already like T'Kel and Sihahs as a couple. Can you give us a T'Kel/Sihahs story? Pleeease :-) Again, I like the interactions between the children and their godparents, and between the children themselves, as well as the ending to this story.

>Two weeks:

I like that Vulcans can remember their lives from in utero. This is about what I think a baby would remember.

> His voice rumbled in richer rhythms than even T'Kel's father's.

That could only be one person :-)

>Two years: >T'Kel considered, one could build a tail!

This and her thoughts about the glider are good development of her tendency towards engineering.

>"My leaving does not mean you are unsupervised. Do not try to take apart anything."

Ha! She knows these kids well :-)

Good story, Kerry.