Term of Honor


This is an incredible piece! I have been waiting for someone to catch Vulcan's Heart's people with all the power and respect those two ladies gave them!

I love how you gently capture all the little details of THEM--the feeling of his eye/how he comes home, our dear Romulan lady's instinctual response to hearing of Spock's marriage and child, the way Saavik hides the danger yet is honor goaded into seeking out potiential death/how she touches Spock/how she holds her small son even as she is Starfleet, how Spock does not leave her alone even when she says she wants it/then refuses to do anything less than guard her as he always has. Everything is deeply tender and personal, retaining their individual dignities and honor. They respond in character and catch the heart instantly.

Your settings with their gentle dark settings is perfect for the intimacy of their subject and actually assists in creating a warmness of feel.

I also love how you've got all the different views on the same incident, each according to the personality, past, and "world view" they possess. Saavik comes at the whole situation exactly as she should and would, and differently than our Romulan Lady or the Centurion.

Your wry humor, understated edges, and the carefully crafted way you've built layers upon layer is beautiful.

Honorably dealt and honorably received.


This is beautiful! Saavik is so very honorable.

It's fascinating what you've done with the idea of the Romulan importance of names. In the beginning of Vulcan's Heart, I remember that Charvanek was disgusted with herself for having given Spock her 'secret name,' but you go much further into the power of that name, how knowing it can be almost like having a weapon.

All in all, great story!


I really enjoyed this. Despite not understanding all the backstory and history of the Centurion and Saavik, I can appreciate what it took for each of them to make the gestures that they did and how meaningful to thier personal lives it was that each came to the conclusions that they did.

Kerry, I just love anything you write with Spock and Saavik together and this little glimpse into their private life is no exception. Thank you so much for the effort that you put into your work.


Great story! I printed it & took it to work last night. I loved the partnership & interaction 'tween bondmates, Saavik with Setik, honor & glory of the Romulans, Saavik's salute to Hasmonak. & what are you saying in the last 2 lines?!

I like how you have Saavik acknowledge the honor in Romulans in Term & Reasonable Doubts. She might not want to admit it but she is Romulan at heart.


WOW!!!!!! you truly are a goddess

So realistic I mean all your stories are realistic but this one stands in a class of it's own. I could feel Former Centurion Hasmonak struggle and sense of betrayal again with the WOW. As always your Saavik is awe-inspiring but this time your particularly captured the hybrid side of her. I never really liked the Romulan commander, but she was perfect in this.


Wow. I don't remember this from the book. Glad you did!

What I like is how Saavik has somewhat overcome her resentment and hatred of Romulans and no longer holds the entire race accountable.

I love how you portray the relationship btw. Spock and Saavik, and how Spock is more at peace than he was in his way early years.

And that the Romulan did not go after Saavik. That was nice, too.

Anonymous (submitted to fanfiction.net):

Absolutely loved this story!!

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