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What Are Friends For Reviews
(The following reviews were submitted to "Katra" when this story first appeared in print.)

Jeannie Morwick:
I thoroughly enjoyed What Are Friends For.
Charles Thompson Jr.:
What Are Friends For? is delightful, and also breaks Saavik out of the humourless shell I've seen her put into (by pro writers). Uhura also comes across as a reflection of the self-assured woman seen on the TV series. Neither characters are Mary-Sues. Bravo!
Gar Chen:
The best story in the zine: What Are Friends For? I always enjoy reading about Saavik and Uhura.
Gamin Davis:
I do like What Are Friends For?. Though I'm not a big fan of Saavik or Uhura, it had a feel to it, reminding me of how Spock and Kirk's relationship must have started out.
Helen Sargeant:
Also enjoyable was What Are Friends For?, dealing as it does with the beginnings of a friendship between two of the most interesting women about the Enterprise, Uhura & Saavik. I liked the exploration of their personalities, both strong and independent, but different on account of background, age, and race (species?).
John Tipper:
What Are Friends For? finished this zine on a high note for me!

(The following reviews were submitted to

Catherine E. Grant:
This is a beautiful story. Keep writing, especially about Saavik. We need to know more about her! Thank you for this story. It's really great.
John Westcott:
This was an interesting and well written story. My favorite line had to be "God bless Vulcan hearing!" lol. A great insight into a rarely seen (IMO) Trek character. I enjoyed it completely. :)
Broken Infinity:
Very cool, I liked that. Very nice (I'm running out of adjectives)! Very good!

(The following reviews were submitted to here.)

Hey, this is something I haven't seen before. I like it. I love the image of Saavik fighting with her skirt swirling around her legs.
I really like the interaction between Uhura and Saavik. It's nice to see two strong women characters that can defend themselves. Great story and the stargazing was a nice, poignant touch.
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