Final Thoughts of Saavik's Father


Oh, that was beautiful! This has more layers of meaning each time I reread it. Sometimes sending my thoughts along past stories, some of what may lie ahead for Saavik and Vulcan. It is bittersweet, which gives it greater power of feeling. You grieve for him, for T'Pren, for Saavik, for Vulcan, for everything that happened that should not have, for everything that should have happened that didn't, and, oddly enough, for the Romulans.

I am glad there was no hate from him--it moves him ever so the stronger into dignity.

You did a beautiful job capturing so many little things that hide all throughout the poem -- things that echo perfectly right into Saavik's life -- into Reunification's struggle--and things that move beyond even as it reaches back into the past battles. Gently done, yet powerfully done.


I love it. Thanks again for writing so well and sharing with us.


Now that is impressive. A round of applause.

Ster J:

Oh, Kerjen! This is beautiful! It is also poignant and angsty and truly inspired. One question. To whom did he entrust his katra?
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