What an excellent story! I greatly enjoyed this glimpse of Saavik as an older, wiser woman, secure in her life, but still searching for that one small confirmation of acceptance from her past. So her acceptance of her past was extremely well done. The idea that the katras grow, learn, and are not confined to the Hall is very intriguing, and T'Pau is well utilized as 'the voice' Saavik hears. The ending is unexpectedly poignant and beautiful. Wonderful! Really, a very satisfying story! Excellent!


A long story with quite an involved and ingenious plot. I liked the concept of the evolved katras, and T'Pau contacting Saavik for her help. Also the innovative tech you've introduced. Also, the final few scenes - which I won't give away. Nice touch.


I liked Evolution. It is so original and answers a lot of the meta-physical questions regarding Vulcans and Katras. I especially liked the way you took Starfleet with regards to other races and new technology. I was thinking about the whole embedded translator thing today in fact, wondering when they would initiate that, and also thinking how well the idea blended in with the other changes you had Saavik make to make Starfleet less terracentric.


Awww! I love the ending! You've given Saavik such peace (and she finally deserves peace over Hellguard) and she can have a sense of pride regarding her father now.


That was very beautiful.

The wicked part of me very much delights in how you've presented a whole new--and far richer--sight of Vulcan culture. The debate will be fascinating--in both characters and writers!

Thank you for letting us touch her father--and for letting Saavik truly begin to heal, not just determinedly ignore her old wounds. Your use of T'Pau and her father made Saavik an actual part of Vulcan--not just someone who had 'earned' her way in, but someone who had just come to the realization of her full birthright.

Superb new characters! I so enjoy how you do this!

And I love how Saavik has a Cause now of her own--and one she will wage not out of loyalty to Spock or a sense of duty to peace or fulfillment, but one that she wage because she is a part of it now. The daughter of it.

Excellent work, Erin!


This story is awesome. So very complex, yet you tied it all together so neatly at the end! I wonder who much of this experience she will share with Spock and her children. Are they curious about her parentage? Would they want to know of this grandparent who awaits them in eternity?


Wow-- a beautiful story, especially the ending. Very creative premise, and it does raise a lot of questions and insights... Very, very interesting.


This was a very good story. I liked the concept that Vulcans had evolved to the point that they are taking the first steps toward an incorporal-state of life, like Sargon's people (it was suggested in TOS that Vulcan was seeded by Sargon's race).

I loved the ending with Saavik and her father healing each other.


Awesomely original concept, and very well-written. Thank you for sharing.

Ster J:

A beautiful story! Thanks for recommending it.
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