*applause* Excellent! I loved the whole 'Saavik has 5 minutes only' scenario! What a great time manager she is! LOL! Loved the little tender moments like the '5 minutes together' line and Spock's memory of touching Saavik's fingers. Very funny, too!


Whoo, fancy being a fly on the wall of that little confrontation! I can just see Spock's eyebrow flick upwards as Saavik appeared to do 'battle'. LOL.


I loved it! What a fun piece. Saavik blazes in, does her bit and leaves. I would like to know what the rest of the note said :) I liked the bit about his fingers still tingling and Saavik's comment about it being five minutes they would not have had. Also the line about wanting the Tellarites to prove the Federation were not warmongers. Ha!


What I love about this is that anyone else in Spock's position would be going "What?" but he just takes it in stride and treasures the five minutes they got together. And Saavik rocks!


OOOH! I loved this! A good capture of real diplomacy--which is usually merely an annoying run of hoops until one side decides at last to cooperate. Saavik is pure delight--with all her natural take no bull power perfectly blended with her utter femaleness. Their relationship--caught here in just their 'five minutes' is superb!

I also enjoy how Spock is an entirely different diplomat than his father--no less as successful or strong, just his own self.

It utterly amazes me how you can take 5 minutes of time between that pair and make it so damn perfect and rich! A perfect look into both of them--separate and together. And a dead-on capture of their relationship--and in a way that is elegant and dynamic and utterly delightful. Good job!


Wahoo! Saavik kicked ass! and Spock liked it! So did I. Way cool!

Empress Leia:

Good story overall...I loved that ending true!


See previous reviews for superlatives! Even as brief a tale as this still reveals your considerable skills! I loved it!