I originally wrote these stories 10 years ago when I was writing a lot of ST fanfics, mostly centered on Saavik. Mostly I sent them to Lana Brown's Katra fanzine and Roberta Rogow's Grip. If anyone knows if Lana and her fanfics are still in operation, I'd love to hear.

Anyway, I took the stories out of storage with all the others and had a ball re-reading them. But I grew up in those 10 years and hopefully became a better writer. I saw plot holes and missed opportunities and decided to dive back in. I think the originals were good, but I think these are even better. But hey, that's me.  :)

In general, when writing for Saavik, I keep two quotes in mind: Vonda McIntyre who, in her novelizations, said no one word defined Saavik's and Spock's relationship and Robin Curtis who added to that by saying "They've been everything two people can be to one another". I tried to keep that evolving, diversified relationship in mind.

I have to thank Roberta and Lana, especially Roberta who first took a chance on me as a writer (oh, that first story! How bad it was! ;) And to all my beta-readers back then and now. And a thank you to my husband John who not only puts up with all of this, but encourages it. Even if he doesn't read it, non-fiction person that he is. ;)

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