In 1999, I was thrilled when Vulcan's Heart was published. At last, a new book featuring Saavik and, of all things, her marriage to Spock! Following it, in 2000, was A.C. Crispin's Just Another Little Training Cruise published in Enterprise Logs. It helped bring me back to Star Trek, back to wanting to write, and the stories started building up in my head.

So these new stories take in account the above books as well as The Pandora Principle by Carolyn Clowes, another book I was thrilled to read.

For Mourning, I also used some events from Vulcan's Forge by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz (who later wrote Vulcan's Heart), Peter David's The Captain's Daughter, and an interview with Nichelle Nichols where she said she considered Uhura a protegee of Spock's. And also in there is Vonda McIntrye's ship the Aerfen as well as its Captain Hunter; she also created Dannan Stuart, Scotty's niece. In some of my old fanfics, I used that character and made up two of my own: Lynne Hoskins and Lauren Warfield. In this story, I used these characters again and gave them their own ship, the Venture.