Stories written by Joanna:

Savage written by Sands of Vulcan  Read the reviews!
Saavik searches for her missing landing party only to have the planet's foliage turn on her.
Commander Stuart and Lieutenant Lauren Warfield are characters from Kerry's "Race of Cain", "Mourning", and "Truth or Dare". The character of Dannan Stuart and her assignment to the Aerfen was originally featured in the novelization of Star Trek: The Search for Spock by Vonda McIntyre.

Wisest One written by Sands of Vulcan  Read the reviews!
Summary: The fate of the Trill is jeopardized by the actions of Saavik and Ezri. TOS/Stargate Crossover - AU

Stories written by others and beta-read by me:

Eowyn Jenny Joanna Kim Marla Mzsnaz Stacey
  • "The Race of Cain: Wow! The story is amazing and well thought out. You capture the characters with amazing accuracy and your skill as a writer is very impressive." — Beth

  • "Mourning: There are no words...wonderfully done. Praise to you for this tasteful and touching piece. It brought tears to my eyes and amazement to my heart...your story filled in the blanks of how our beloved crew weathered what we all know would have been a devastating blow. Well done."- Kim

  • "Momisms: This is probably the funniest Star Trek story I've ever read. I just plain ADORE Amanda. And everyone else, as well. I laughed out loud the first time I read it, the second, the third... Walking on the pavement thinking about it... And hit myself in the head when I realised I hadn't told you yet how ruddy brilliant this thing is. Congratulations. Well done." - Ingvild

  • "What Good Came From It: Another stellar story by Kerjen! Death usually brings up such regrets. You have shown that, by pushing past pain and regrets, by bringing healing to one grieving party, you can bring healing to your own broken heart. A beautiful story, beautifully written." - Beth

  • "Evolution: Awesomely original concept, and very well-written. Thank you for sharing."- Onaleia

  • "May I Ask Why: Oh good God... This is absolutely adorable. The mastery of the dialogue, the spell of *intellectual* humor... Oh, dear, I laughed... thank you!" - Anna