honeynoir (bracelets):

This is really wonderful -- the looks we get into the characters especially.


Loved this. Love the idea of River and the TARDIS a having their very own language to taunt the Doctor....I, uh, I mean COMMUNICATE with the Doctor. That's brilliant!


I absolutely love this story!

Sylva Dax:

that is great! Never mess with River Song... ;) you wrote them all very well, and it is nice to see something with only the family.


Ha! This is amazing! You write River SO epically.

"Nothing. And he had let go of his weapon to grab her.

"Amateur." She drove her fist hard into his chest with the gun still in it. Air left in a rush and a lot of pain went in. He collapsed to the ground writhing."

Epic scene is epic.

I'm so jealous of your River writing skills! This fic is beautifully written and I'm looking forward to more! :)


Awesome! I enjoyed this. From the summary, which was great, to the end, which was equally fantastic - thanks for presenting such a cool little slice of action.

slightly so:

Excellent. Love kick-butt River saving her family!

madis hartte:

Ooh, yay for Pond/Williams family time! It's sad that this qualifies as family time. XD But anyways . . . It was actually refreshing, reading something without the Doctor in it. Very, very well done.


I really like this story. It's just so very...River of her to be like that.


And that is why you never EVER mess with River Song. She will HURT you. Great story!